Crafting the Perfectly Designed Corrugated Boxes

Ever heard of the eminently termed corrugated boxes that are quite a governing rage in the modern, ecofriendly processes of packaging these days? What exactly are the cardboard corrugated boxes? These coarse, old cardboard boxes are the backbone of any packaging business and they are easily available in any form a client would want, whether it is a newly formed boxes or a recyclable one. However, the entire manufacturing process, including the designing the printing involves the cohesive use of various kinds of materials, such as the incorporated tapes, stretch films and polyethylene. Since the packaging industry is quite a giant sized one, hence the process of box crafting occurs in countless figures.

Corrugated boxes are mostly used to enclose the contents of various stuff like pizza boxes and expensive items such as the latest gadgets, electronics, watches and other valuable items that need to be voyaged using shipments across the far fledged lands.

So, how exactly do we devise these corrugated boxes?

Ever wondered where these boxes are made up of? Well, it is quite an interesting piece of knowledge and it really would not take you any wild guesses or brainstorming, it’s the most evident thing. Corrugated boxes are made from the gifts of Mother Nature, the trees. Yes, the latest packaging gurus have waved their wands to transform trees into readily available bundles of boxes.

Boxes, boxes and hundreds and millions of boxes. Now, the production is a series of carefully monitored steps and each step requires quite a lot of attention, as it’s a multimillion dollar business. At start, it might sound a little convoluted, but once it’s mastered, it’s quite easy to understand and explain it to other packaging personnel,

  • The Scratch Step:

Well, all that we need to initiate the crafting of corrugated boxes are fluted sheets, drawn from the recycled paper. These flutes are placed in between two liners as a barrier. The liners are usually fashioned from the good old cardboard paper or other ecofriendly forms of recyclable paper.

Mostly, on the industrial scale, a top notch quality of virgin Kraft paper is preferred and what makes this paper really unique is the tree pulping factor!

  • 2. Let the Tree Dryads Help Us!

Talking about the liners, the bundles of cardboard are composed of two linings; one made up of an inner liner used as a litmus test mechanism and an outer one made up of a Kraft paper.

However, it’s the outer Kraft paper that takes away the limelight and adds a luxurious tone to enhance the final outlook of a box. It also makes the printing process easier and what’s even better, Kraft paper is water resistant and it is quite sturdy too.

  • The Pulp Factor:

Now, to craft the paper, a lengthy procedure has to be attained to affirm the pulping of wooden chips that are trimly cut and adequately used to serve as a multipurpose commodity. Oodles of logs are created this way and the bark of these logs are scraped off too, by the rumbling machines.

  • The Fluting Process:

The fluted rolls of the cardboard paper are the crimped pieces of the board that are positioned between the liners. Now, the box is added with a touch of solidity and stability, after being processed in a roller machine.

This is an ancient method, used since three hundred years, to craft the ruffled touch to the vintage fashion articles such as the blouses and the sunhats.

  • The Ultimate Production Step:

As all the binding elements of production are clustered now, one can now adhere all these materials together. Finally, the cardboard paper has to undergo a hot current of steamed water to allow it to be hard-pressed and then, finally, the roller glue components come into action. Both of the liners are finally bonded to the board by the machine by this gluing process. Now, all the sides of the newly formed cardboard undergoes trimming with the help of a circular saw to create the straightened sides of the board. Based upon the size of the box, the corrugation machine trims the board almost ten times.

  • Conclusion:

Thus, the custom corrugated boxes are fashioned and molded using an eco friendly technology and there you are, ready to pack away your stuff in no time!

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