Explore Nature and Wildlife with Photo Safari Tours at Qinghai

Not everyone has the passion that is required for a Photo Safari Tour. But if you are one of those souls who is dying to take a break from their everyday city life and be amidst nature for a few days, capture pictures of the exotic topography, sink in the beauty of Mother Nature, then you must contact a reputed travel based company for help, as they plan everything out meticulously for you so that you face no troubles during your trip. Plus if the group consists of enthusiasts who are equally passionate about wild animals, mountains, and grasslands, learn new things from various ethnic groups, study their lifestyles and cultures and most importantly, capture them with their lenses, then the essence of the trip will be much more enchanting.

If you are still thinking what exactly these Photo Safari tours consist of, you definitely need to go through this article. Take a look.

  • Spotting snow leopards and other animals – Qinghai, the region where most of the big rivers of Asia flows, is known for its hub of wildlife. If you are lucky and are accompanied by a group of experts, then you may spot snow leopards, and other animals like wolves, lynx, brown bears, Tibetan gazelle, White-lipped deer, Wild Yak, Kiang, Himalayan marmots, etc. Think of the photographs you can take in that province, capture Mother Nature in the wildest and purest form.  But yes, you do need to have that kind of passion and interest in photography. You have to run and catch glimpses, sustain in the low temperature, so you need to be physically fit as well. Needless to say that you need to carry a good camera, binoculars, medicine kit, and other such important essentials, which your travel agency will ask you to. The Tibetan plateau is truly a paradise, waiting for you to explore. Apart from the wildlife and Snow Leopard Photography, there are breathtaking sceneries consisting of the snow peaked mountains, beautiful plateaus, and Gobi deserts as well, which needs to be captured by you, as well.
  • To experience the harmony of nature with certain Tibetan groups – Apart from capturing the wildlife and sceneries, another reason you need to go for this Safari trips is to experience the harmony of wildlife with certain Tibetan groups, who have a unique culture and a different way of living. They actually worship these animals as Gods and are habituated with their company. And that is why you can photograph some of the animals from a close distance because the animals do not see human beings as a threat. You will be astonished to see the bonding of wildlife with human beings. Their simple way of living will leave you absolutely spellbound.

  • Undergo a spiritual experience, as well – Apart from Snow Leopard Photography and witnessing the culture of the Tibetan groups, you will be able to witness the spiritual side of these groups as well. The way the localities pray with the prayer wheels and crawl up to their holy land will surely be an extremely different experience for you, overall.

So, now you know the main reasons for choosing a Photo Safari trip. Don’t delay and contact a good agency at the earliest for witnessing the best of wildlife, and know more about the Tibetan Culture.

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