Importance of Logo Design & Its Various Types

It is understood that a logo is an essential aspect of creating the name of the brand. It is the symbol that is used by organizations to make an appearance in the world. Since branding is compulsory, it is essential for any company to have a logo that can represent the name of the business in the market.

There are so many advantages of having a proper logo for the company, which can benefit the organization in multiple ways. Having a suitably designed logo can grant the organization to succeed and gain development in various ways, such as,

  • Makes the Brand Stand Out

The logo helps the brand to create their own identity in the market. Since the logo of any brand is the trademark of that business product or the service, and apparently, it cannot be used by any other by any other brand, and therefore it is easy for the customers or the audience to identify the brand by looking at their logo.

  • Customer Recognition

Having a logo makes the audience identify the brand easily. It is understood that people who experience the service or any product of any brand, and felt that the suppliers are delivering the quality service to satisfy their customers, they recommend the brand further to other people. Now, it will be challenging for most of the people to comprehend that which brand people are suggesting them if there would be no logo to represent it. So, the ultimate benefit of having the logo is that it helps the audience to find your brand easily.

  • Discriminate From other Competitors

The unique logo design helps the brand to tell apart from the other similar brands, or the competitors of any brand. People believe that if the same logo maker makes the same logo for the two competitor companies there is a chance that the logo design might look alike, or there will be no difference that can point out to differ them. For example, if there’s a basketball logo maker, he will only make the basketball logos and might be possible that there will be two logos that will look alike. The thought can be correct at some point, but remember that brands know precisely how to make their logos distinguish from their so that it can easily be recognizable by everyone.

  • Impart the Key Information About the Brand

This might sound a little vague, and many people might disagree with the fact that logos deliver the idea or the meaning of the brand. There are many logo designs that represent the story of the business or the brand; these are the logos that explains the audience what the company does. If you look at the logo of the planters’ logo with the Mr. Peanut image or the logo of the HeartyWay, you will ultimately get the idea that what is the brand deals in.

Well, there are many different types of the logo that does not explain or represent anything about the brand. But still, they are very popular, and people know them very well. There is a big reason behind it, and that is they provide the finest quality in the product they offer to their customers.

There are several types of logo designs that you can study about and can elucidate for yourself that how they play their role in building up the brand’s reputation. To ease your complications, here are some of the variety of logo designs that you can learn about.

  • Wordmarks

Brands that have their full name as their logo are believed to have the wordmark logo designs. The best example of the wordmark logo design is the beverage Coca-Cola or the logo design of the Sony.

  • Lettermarks

If you have seen the logo design of HBO or Volkswagen, then it will be easy for you to apprehend this category of the logo. In letter mark logo designs, only the letter of the brand is used instead of their complete name. Either the name is too long that can be used as the logo, or the client decides it to be that way, but both works perfectly fine.

  • Symbols

The logo design of the McDonald’s and the Apple Inc. is the perfect example to elaborate the symbolic logo designs. These are the logos that only use the pictures as their trademark.

  • Mascots

Mascot logo designs are the ones that use the image of any character, for example, Mr. Peanut of the Planters’ logo, or the KFC’s Colonel, is the logo that falls in the category of the Mascot log designs.

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