Is the box office dead?

The attendance of Movie theatre submerged in 2014. This actually let hitting numbers that have not degraded since 1995. To rub salt in the wound, the tapering decline hit amongst the teenagers in the mid-twenties group. The world of cinema and the concept of the movie theatre is actually decaying. What is in the hands of these commercial enterprises to bring back the popularity?

The answer is quite tricky. In the recent developing years, the experience of being in movie theatres is worsening. The older concept and the enthusiasm of watching a new movie in a theatre seem to fade away as the internet is taking over the market. Just like content is the king of the online marketing industry, in the same way, the internet is reaching the pinnacle of attracting the attention of the younger generation or the audience.

Wondering how? The younger audiences are more inclined towards streamable content that is easily accessible to their iPhones, Laptops or even smartphones.

Though the concept has not completely suspended! There are still enthusiasts who are eagerly waiting for Avengers to hit the big screen. Apart from the blockbusters and the highly engaging movies, the ambience is shifting toward the small screen especially the internet. Much valuable online streaming is garnering the best of the attention through various subscription channels. Netflix, HBO Go, Amazon Instant Video and Hulu Plus are some services that are gaining high grounds.

Why so?

That is because they’re inexpensive, simple, and appropriate. For the avid enthusiasts who dabble in morally grey areas, torrents is a blessing in disguise. The main focus of the movie theatres needs to stop doing the competition on convenience rather implement a huge focus on experience. Talking about experience IMAX is the one that is cannot be forgotten. One cannot meet the exact experience or even perform a replica of the IMAX screens and IMAX domes. And there is a soothing effect to the eyes when all of it gets combined with the high-quality sound system. You can indeed understand the huge difference of watching Harry Potter on a big home screen and in a movie theatre.

With IMAX, data states that the price of ticket in 2013 was 8.13 percent until the last year, the growth has been to 8.15 percent. With the rise in prices and the concession costing, watching a movie in a big theatre or a quality one can be a big threat to your little savings. From the perspective of a movie lover, it is quite tough to state that is lack of good movies. This cannot be the factor always. For now, the present strategy of films is highly grossing films on comic characters like Marvel or maybe Suicide Squad. The only factor that comes with the passing time is that the spark of freshness that garnered the attention of the past generations.

With the commencement of Netflix and Amazon, the concept of movies and online streaming entered the era of buying films or series to distribute exclusively. With so many wide ranges of options to view stream and watch movies, subscriptions based platforms are showcasing their own original shows and films. And it is actually gaining the attention of huge audiences.

Shows like Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones and even Friends are throwing high impact on the audiences. With the pavement of the HD technology, life has become a way to simpler. In the growing years, the internet and subscription-based platforms are going to reach the entertainment zone and take the popularity to a new pinnacle. There are no disruptive jerks which are showcased in movie theatres.

Digital macrocosm is taking up the expectation and the familiarity of the audiences to a new zone. Almost everyone possesses a smartphone or a laptop and our eyes are almost glued to the screen, regardless of the reason. Everything seems to become easy with the touch of fingertips yet the enthralling ambience of sitting in a movie hall and watching the new movie will always remain evergreen.

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