Phuket – Better Than Just A Trip

When all we need is a set of easy excuses to enjoy a beautiful vacation alongside an island. Let’s discuss my case wherein I made it to Phuket, one of the most infamous naturally-made party spaces on earth. From fresh seafood to great weather, the place left me just jaw-dropped. It felt like finally, I had found a place I can’t seem to find complaints about. Thanks to the forest-like landscape and the romantic beaches. Moving on to the reasons why a one-week vacation leave wasn’t enough to explore the best city of Thailand.

For the Services, of course!

Thailand! What popped up in your mind right now? Massage? Grooming? Pedicure and Manicure and what not! If for a second you thought I did not exploit the opportunity, nah nah! I most certainly did. When you can find massage parlors everywhere, a flash of reasons as to why you deserve a strong massage comes around. Just like I did, you’d drop in and name any massage you wish.

From Beaches to Beaches, Beaches!

One reason we all dream of Thailand is the presence of beaches. Phuket is no different. The white sand beaches that draw a line alongside the southern and western coasts are simply dream come true. What makes the place more classy is that every beach is different from the other and the resorts along the beach coast are simply inviting. Also, as an add-on Phuket is a culturally enriched town with so many options on the lot.

The Junglee Travel

Just so you know, there are two major national parks in Phuket and both are equally good. You can find the mangrove forests along the beach and guess how it was. Simply worth watching. You can simply stare at it and not be bored. Thanks to the presence of Phuket Airport nearby and the mega resorts, that just made my little tour day. You can enjoy hiking and watch monkeys climb up with you.

Feel Like A Local

Unlike the rest of the tourist cities, Phuket lets you own it all. You can rent a motorcycle and have an easier access to the beach roads and other small neighborhoods of the island. Especially, if you are an avid traveller, the bike ride is worth it, I’m telling you. How it works is all of a sudden, you might feel adventurous and get your bike started to drive along the beaches. Once you go for it, you will know it is all worth it.

Apparently, this is more than enough to just another vacation. The better you can explore, the better your experience at Phuket gets. Now, you decide if you are going to enjoy the vacation leave the way it should be.

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