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Video Star is an iOS application which enables the user to make and upload their own music videos utilizing any song from their iTunes library and an image the user wants. Video Star makes your videos seem to be professionally edited. It’s super easy to use and has loads of amazing special effects. You can pick any video stored on your device or make a completely new one with the help of the app and then add special effects and music to make your very own masterpiece.

With the new and improved Video Star 3.0, you can now create, upload or share videos in HD.

Here are some of the most amazing features of Video Star 3.0 below:

  • You can use many filters and special effects on your videos– Besides adding music to your videos, Star Video allows you to apply filters to your video recordings. You can see for yourself how the filter would look by previewing it in fullscreen before you start recording. After recording you can also add a number of special effects on the images in the video.
  • Autostop- To make sure that your video is in perfect sync with the music that you’ve chosen, you can use the Autostop feature. This feature allows you to precisely set the part of the music that you’d want to go with the video. After you’ve set the part of the song that you want, you can start recording and the app will stop recording as soon as the music ends.
  • Direct Sharing- Once you’ve completed making an awesome video, you can use this feature to share your work of art with your family and friends at once.
  • iCloud backup- You can forget worrying about trivial stuff like freeing up storage space on your device and deleting your favourite videos by mistake. You can use the Video Star iCloud backup tool to back up your videos from the main menu itself with just one click. Every time you upload a video to your iCloud, it makes a new version, this enables you to backup multiple versions of a particular video and keep your favourites.
  • Custom special effects- Gotten bored with in-app special effects? Don’t want to buy any additional effects? Fret not! Video Star 3.0 brings to you the option of adding custom effects to your videos. New custom effects include a number of Background, layout, colour, motion, overlays and title effects to choose from.
  • QuickSnap photos- In addition to making cool videos, you can also create awesome pictures. You can apply all the special effects that you add in your videos to any picture as well.

There is so much more for you to play around with in Video Star via 9apps. Download the app now to discover more about the cool features in store for the Star in you and make fascinating and unique videos every day. The best part about Video Star is that it is free and is accompanied by loads of free special effects to add to your videos, also you can buy more fun and interesting special effects at very nominal prices.

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