Steampunk Dungeon Crawler Vaporum Coming to Playstation4 and Xbox One

Fatbot Games and Merge Games have both announced the coming of steampunk dungeon crawler Vaporum. The game will be on the three consoles – PlayStation 4, Xbox and Nintendo Switch.

The game will be available on different consoles from April 9th to 11th. Vaporum is a single-player grid-based dungeon crawler game. The game was inspired by old games such as Dungeon Master I and II, the Eye of the Beholder series and Legend of Grimrock I and II.

Be ready to fight

Vaporum is a combat game; so, be ready to fight all the way to the end. There will be plenty of enemies on your way. These enemies have no equal strength and weaknesses. Some of these enemies display incredible strengths, weaknesses and fantastic attack and defense mechanism. As a top fighter, you have to be on your guard in order to defeat them. You would require great tactics. Part of the tactics you would have to employ is to properly equip yourself with a gear. You would have to choose your weapons well because there are different weapons. The bonuses that you get from these weapons and their behaviours are the reasons why your weapons must be chosen carefully. Game console skins are ideal for all these consoles.

There are different types of skills that you can use to overcome the many threats that would confront you. One of the best skills to use is the gadget-based RGP system. With the gadget-based RGP system, you can attack ferociously and defend perfectly. You have to be extremely careful too. The enemies are powerful and they are capable of depleting your energy. Remember also that the enemies cannot be defeated using some tactics because they are not vulnerable to some certain attacks. It is left to you to fashion out the best strategy to deal with every challenge that the game throws at you.

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Main Features of Vaporum

  • Fight real-time – It is a single-player real-time combat game with deadly enemies with different abilities and behaviours
  • It’s tactical – It is a game that requires tactics. You have to attack knowing that the enemies have different strengths and weaknesses
  • Plenty of customization options – The gadget-based RPG system gives you the opportunity to develop your own exoskeleton and increase your skills
  • Explore – There are plenty of alternative passages that you can make use of.
  • Beautiful and fascinating setting – The game has beautiful graphics, nice sound and an environment that gives you the idea that danger is lurking around

Expected release dates

  1. Nintendo Switch is slated for 10th April 2019
  2. Xbox One will have its day on the 10th April 2019
  3. PlayStation 4 European Union is for 10th April 2019
  4. PlayStation 4 North America comes up on the 10th April 2019

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