Styling Old School Hats Can Never Go Out Of Trend – Spot David Beckham

Remember how the outstanding fashion journalist, Anna Dello Russo quoted an amazing statement regarding accessories. She said, “Accessories are like vitamins to fashion – as such, you should use them liberally.” One of the key components for bringing out the impeccable look in you is accessories. Regardless of the gender, it is upon the person who can pull off style statement without any bridges and bars. Coming to the style statement and style quotient of the men, David Beckham is getting us drooling badly with his fleckless looks. Wondering what are we talking about?

Can you spot any other man so stylish and handsome wearing old school hats? No, right! That is what we are talking about! Old school hats though are a big NO-NO in today’s fashion world, yet holding an appealing charm can only be pulled out by David Beckham. Like stated before, the floppier rendition of the driving cap is not much trending in the fashion industry. But there is where you need to give a halt to your so-called fashion thoughts! Guess who pulled off such astonishingly immaculate looks with such a style statement? Indeed, none other than David Beckham! How it be any hotter in the chilly winter of London where David Beckham flaunts the men newsboy hat so flawlessly!

There is a long history that David Beckham holds for the love of newsboy hats. Wherever he is, the former soccer player turned fashion designer keeps stunning everyone with his exemplary style quotient. The best part him wearing that vintage look is that it looks seamlessly classy and adds a new definition to manhood. If you are also an avid lover of a classy style statement, do not miss the chance of donning the men newsboy hat inspired by David Beckham. Regardless of the age, these hats are perfect for any wardrobe. Properly sized, they suit in and create a classy look on all face shapes. Not only is this, from formals to casuals to suit casuals, men newsboy hat definitely going to garner steely glances from the ladies.

The first most important tip for donning the men newsboy hat is that, make sure that the quality or the material of the hat complements with the material of your upper attire. This is highly preferable in terms of coats or jackets. Similar pattern look is a big NO-NO! Go for a solid color for your attire and a patterned one for the hat. Not everyone is Samuel L Jackson! So never, repeated again NEVER wear the men newsboy hat backward.

So basically, the hat should fit you just like a baseball cap. Do not wear a too small cap, that looks weird. The fabric of the hat should be not too fussy and should not cover the ears.

Now, another most important thing to pull off that look just like David is the time of wearing the hats. Yes, you read that right! Pull yourself like a pro wearing the classy and vintage fashion during the autumn and winters. Like mentioned before, men newsboy hat will make you look perfect to the T, even if you are unable to show off your style quotient that well, let the hat do the rest of the work for you.

It’s time to stand out from the crowd and be unique and uber stylish. Just like his father, Brooklyn Beckham too pulled off the men newsboy hat so perfectly well. Now you know, vintage is a new class. Make your own style statement and be confident in the essentials you wear. Do not just be a Mr. Autumn Man, time to showcase your handsome look to garner high attention.

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  1. Well I always had a soft side for hats and always wanted to be out on road wearing them on your words may have made me more intrigued, than you.

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